Vinyl Gloves

Application field: industries and medical fields


Product Description

Name: Vinyl Gloves

Material: PVC powder

Type: it is can be in 2 parts by industries and medical fields. our products is belong to industries products.

Hand touch: smooth and soft and comfortable

Physical property: anti-static electricity, little stretch rate and dexterity, and anti-allergy.

COLOR: clear and normal blue color

Appearance: smooth and clear

Clearance: clear

Weight (g) ±0.34g4.5g5.0g5.5g
Palm Length (mm)±3MM85mm95mm105mm115mm

Packing: 1000pcs/carton . 100pcs*10box



Vinyl GlovesVinyl Gloves

Food grade hand protect and healthy

Industrial grade electric assembly

Vinyl GlovesVinyl Gloves

Size : 9 inch length. Middle size 4.5g/pcs

industrial grade, anti-static

Vinyl GlovesVinyl Gloves

Easy to wear, Ambidextrous

SIZE: 9 INCH, Latex free, without DOP, Middle size 4.5g/pcs

Vinyl GlovesVinyl Gloves

Soft and high elastic rate and comfortable,

puncture resistance

12 INCH, anti-static, high purification, middle size 7.0g/pcs

Vinyl GlovesVinyl Gloves

Tensile strength Min9 MPA

Elongation Min 300%

Force break Min 3.6N

Medical grade of medical examination

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