Disposable Vinyl Gloves

About Vinyl Gloves

Disposable vinyl gloves-powder, transparent, latex and allergy-free, plastic, work, food service, cleaning, cheap wholesale, medium size

High quality-tear-proof, strong and flexible (stretch), and has good flexibility and sensitivity

Ideal for food service, beauty and cleaning professionals. Latex-free, suitable for people with allergies or sensitive skin

Hands together (suitable for left and right hands), texture and contour suitable for fit and grip

The cuffs are powdery and rolled, easy to open, quick to put on and quick to remove

Cost-effective alternative to latex and acrylic

Vinyl gloves are our most popular universal gloves. Vinyl gloves are stronger than polyethylene gloves and can provide longer time for tasks such as food preparation, bus transportation and cleaning, which require long hours of wearing gloves. Vinyl gloves are also cheaper than nitrile and latex gloves. Our powdered latex gloves are made of food grade cornstarch powder, especially when the hands are wet, they are easier to wear. Powder-free gloves will undergo an additional chlorination process to reduce the burden of wearing.

Why choose vinyl Glove?

Vinyl gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Usually rigid, it is mixed with a plasticizer to make it soft and can be molded into gloves. Vinyl gloves have a loose, comfortable feel and smooth surface. They eliminate concerns about allergies to latex.

Better than latex: Vinyl is a highly elastic material that has excellent anti-pollution properties when dealing with blood, body fluids or chemicals. Vinyl has higher puncture elasticity than latex and is ideal for people who are allergic to natural latex.

Comfortable fit: The gloves are made of vinyl and can be used for heavy-duty purposes without worrying about punctures. They are powder-free and dual-use, providing elastic and comfortable wear for men and women.

General-purpose vinyl gloves-you should wear these high-quality rubber-free gloves when doing any activity! And any routine work you want to protect your hands!

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