Disposable P.E. Gloves

Disposable PE (polyethylene) gloves

Polyethylene is also one of the most common and cheapest plastics. Usually identified by the abbreviation PE, it is a kind of plastic with excellent chemical stability, so it is often used as an insulator for films (bags and foils) in contact with food. For disposable gloves, it is produced by cutting and heat sealing the film.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is harder and harder than low-density polyethylene, and is used for the lowest cost gloves (see use at gas stations or department stores). Low-density polyethylene (LDPE-low-density PE) is a more flexible material with lower rigidity, so it can be used in gloves that require higher sensitivity and softer welding, such as in the medical field. CPE or Cast PE is a formula of polyethylene. Because it is calendered, it has a special rough surface and can achieve higher sensitivity and grip.

PE (polyethylene) Gloves Description

Disposable polyethylene gloves do not contain latex

Can be used to perform light housework

For institutional use

For general maintenance work

For food processing

PE (polyethylene) Gloves Feature

Hygienic barrier protection

Embossed non-slip surface

Loose style, comfortable to wear

No latex

Suitable for hands

Keep it clean, economical, convenient, etc.

Provide low density and high density polyethylene.

Various thickness, texture or smooth surface.

Waterproof, prevent pain, alkalinity, oil, bacteria.

Lightweight, feel better, and cheaper.

They are indeed ideal economic protection products.

Available standard length and extra long length.

The customer's LOGO can be printed on the packaging bag.

PE (polyethylene) Gloves Application

-For the food industry

Gloves can protect people's hands and keep people's food hygienic in deli shops, bakeries, cafeterias, cafes or other food service establishments. These gloves are made of lightweight, transparent plastic, similar to the plastic in takeaway bags. Polyethylene gloves are lightweight and can provide extra comfort. They are best used for light preparations such as cutting deli meats, sandwiches, tossing salad vegetables or transferring food from the pot to the steamer. People can throw away these gloves between preparations to prevent cross-contamination, and take a new pair out of the box to facilitate hygiene.

-Operating hours

When working in a chemical plant, some chemical raw materials are very corrosive to opponents. Now, disposable PE gloves can easily solve the problem of direct contact with chemical raw materials.

-Medical field

Disposable PE gloves also have antibacterial effects. In the medical field, disposable PE gloves have an isolation effect and can effectively prevent bacteria on the human body. Therefore, the application of disposable PE gloves in the medical field is relatively early. For example, in testing, it is also very important.

-Used for household cleaning

Some women like to clean, but it is easy to stain their hands when cleaning. Greasy cleaning is not good, but long-term soaking can stain their hands, so disposable PE gloves are very useful.

-For barber shop

In some barbershops, we often see that barbers usually wear disposable PE gloves before working, especially on the hair. For example, when dyeing hair, they will get dirty with dirty hands and it is difficult to wash them. Disposable PE gloves can solve this big problem.

Storage: When the gloves are stored under dry conditions (10°C to 40°C), their performance should be maintained. Protect gloves from UV sources such as sunlight and oxidants

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