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Which Industries Does PE Glove Use?

May. 18, 2021

As a PE Glove Manufacturer, share with you.

PE Glove

PE Glove

1.Medical examination, nursing and first aid: In regular hospitals, it is common to see the film gloves worn by nurses and doctors, and they can be seen in inspection wards, daily sanitation, dental inspections and other routine health protection. There are millions of skin particles and bacteria on our palms, as well as oil and salt. In daily or work, to prevent these pollutants from spreading to sensitive products, and to protect our hands clean and hygienic, especially in doctors’ care, examination, first aid, and health protection, wearing gloves can prevent doctors and patients from getting involved. Cross-infection between.

2. Food factory production operations: assembly line workers can use it when entering food operations, packaging, and sealing. It has the characteristics of oil stain resistance, dirt resistance, and corrosion resistance, which effectively isolates personal injuries from chemical and polluting substances and protects Healthy, this will not only avoid cross-infection, but also greatly save replacement costs.

3. Household kitchen: daily cleaning at home, kitchen cooking, washing vegetables and dishes, wearing film gloves can avoid long-term soaking of hands in water or better away from detergent and other chemicals, which can isolate oil stains and effectively prevent skin Infections and detergents corrode, keep the skin tender and protect our hands better.

4. Hairdressing and dyeing industry: Go to the barber shop to dye and wash your hair. You can avoid greasy dyes from touching our hands. You can also wear it when doing nail art and hand mask. It has good comfort, very good quality, environmental protection and hygiene, and reduces Moisture evaporates, making moisturizers easier to absorb, protecting hands, and reducing damage to hands.

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