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Do I Need to Wear Gloves to Eat Crayfish?

Nov. 27, 2020

When feasting, there is a question I don’t know if you have paid attention to it, why I obviously eat crayfish with gloves.

The gloves are not broken, but the hands are still greasy? As a PE Glove Manufacturer, share with you.

As a member of the crayfish team, figure out this problem for everyone!

Generally, crayfish-eating gloves are made of PE material, which is commonly known as polyethylene, which is a polymer material. The molecular structure of PE material is a long chain, which is very similar to the molecular structure of oil.

PE Glove

PE Glove

In chemistry, there is a professional term called similar miscibility , which means that substances with the same molecular structure can be miscible, just like a sponge absorbs water, and oil can drill into PE gloves and blend with each other. The thin gloves naturally spread out from the other side and stick to the hands.

In addition, in order to reduce environmental pollution, some of today's plastic products have been designed to be easily decomposed, so plastic gloves look smooth, but they also have tiny holes, which is to facilitate degradation. This is why the oil can seep into the gloves.

In that case, wearing gloves can’t keep your hands clean. Should you just use your hands and lick your fingers after eating? Do not! Experts recommend wearing gloves.

First of all, if the oil penetrates in a small amount, the effect is better than that of no gloves. More importantly, PE gloves can prevent bacteria from eating hands and nails. In other words, you think you wear gloves to prevent oil, but they are actually anti-bacteria.

For PE gloves, the market supervision department will inspect the total migration, microorganisms, etc., but in terms of quality, there is no requirement for oil resistance. In other words, PE gloves have no obligation to help you prevent oil.

So how do you avoid making your hands so greasy when eating crayfish?

The following practices are for reference only:

1. Change gloves frequently. Before the oil can get into the gloves, quickly change the next pair of gloves. But the disadvantage is that it costs gloves and is not environmentally friendly.

2. Bring more layers of gloves. According to the principle of oil penetration, if you do not want to change frequently, then wear a few more layers of gloves. The disadvantage is that the hands will be very hot, the oil has not entered the gloves, the sweat has made the inner wall of your gloves sticky, and it is not environmentally friendly.

3. Wash your hands clean. For many people without gloves, peeling shrimp with bare hands is the highest level. Feel the sharp thorns on the crayfish claw feet with your fingers, and your nails directly buckle the hard shell of the crayfish.

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