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What Else Should you Know About PE Glove?

Jan. 29, 2021

As a PE Glove Supplier, I would like to share with you the characteristics and precautions of disposable PE gloves.

Disposable PE gloves are made of polyethylene LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE blown film, and are a kind of plastic gloves. It is suitable for medical care and the first choice for medicine preparation. Beauty salons, massage SPA, food processing, kitchen cooking, housework, daily cleaning, camping barbecue, restaurants and restaurants need to directly touch food with their hands. Wide range of uses, all walks of life It can be used, it is necessary for your daily life at home.

PE Glove

PE Glove


1. The interior is smooth and easy to wear;

2. Good adhesion, acid, alkali and oil resistance;

3. Good pulling force, strong and durable.

Instructions for use:

1. This product does not distinguish between left and right hands, please choose gloves that suit your hand specifications;

2. When wearing gloves, do not wear rings or other ornaments, and pay attention to trimming your nails;

3. This product is limited to one-time use; please dispose of the used product as garbage to prevent bacteria from polluting the environment.

Note for use:

1. PE material is flammable, please keep away from fire and high temperature places.

2. Be careful not to be cut by sharp objects during use, so as not to affect performance.

3. It is strictly forbidden to contact with oil, acid, alkali, copper, manganese and other metals and chemical drugs that are harmful to the product;

4. Direct exposure to strong light such as sunlight or ultraviolet rays is strictly prohibited.

The difference between PE gloves and PVC gloves:

In simple terms, PE gloves can touch food and are non-toxic; PVC gloves are best not to touch food, especially food with high heat.

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