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Are Disposable PE Gloves Really Clean?

Mar. 15, 2021

As a PE Glove Supplier, share with you.

Are the disposable pe gloves clean? A friend asked me that when my family and I often eat oily things, they don’t bother to wash their hands and often wear gloves to eat. Will this be bad? Will it be harmful?

PE Glove

PE Glove

What I want to say is: disposable PE gloves are mainly made of polyethylene plastic. There are two kinds of new materials and recycled materials on the market. The new materials are non-toxic and odorless. The gloves produced are highly transparent, odorless, good quality, clean and hygienic; Gloves produced from recycled materials have poor transparency, dullness, substandard sanitary conditions, and low prices.

Disposable pe gloves are made of brand-new materials and do not add any fillers. They can be used in the food industry with confidence. This kind of gloves are used in labor insurance industry, restaurant and hotel industry, especially in food industry, as long as they don’t It is very practical to hold hot things, easy to use, oil-proof, anti-fouling, and waterproof. Clean, convenient, hygienic, non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for household cleaning, chemical inspection, mechanical gardening, food, hygiene and industrial and agricultural protection; it can also be used for hair dyeing, care and washing, and it can be worn during meals (such as eating lobsters, big bones) The inconvenience to wash your hands and so on. It has the functions of waterproof and oil proof, anti-bacteria, acid and alkali resistance. It does not contain harmful chemical ingredients, is not allergic to the skin, has good adsorption, is comfortable to wear on the hand, and is strong and durable. It is a good tool for electronic factory and food factory operation protection, and a good helper for household cleaning and food hygiene.

Disposable pe gloves are not only clean, but also easy to use. Throw them away after use to avoid washing them. The most important thing is that they are cheap! And these gloves are all sterile, so feel free to use them. For food processing, medical care, medicine preparation, kitchen cooking, housework, hair salon dyeing. It is used for camping barbecues, etc. and restaurants and restaurants when they need to touch food with their hands. It allows you to keep the skin on your hands and avoid too much contact with alkaline cleaners. It is a good product for home life.

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