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Will Disposable Gloves Leak Oil When Used?

Mar. 29, 2021

As a Lightly Powdered Vinyl Gloves Supplier, share with you.

When eating in a restaurant, whether it is roast duck, crayfish or roast chicken, the restaurant will provide disposable gloves, but often we still have oil stains on our hands after eating. Why? Is the overall level of the disposable glove industry poor? Generally, disposable gloves for grilling or eating crayfish are made of polyethylene or polypropylene, the same material as plastic bags. These two materials are supposed to not leak oil. However, in order to save costs, fillers will be added to the raw materials, the fillers will melt with the oil and there will be oil leakage, similarly dissolving. The aqueous solution is a polar molecule, and most of the oils in contact with food are non-polar molecules, and the constituent molecules of the plastic bag are also non-polar molecules. Similar to the principle of compatibility, non-polar molecules can be dissolved in each other. Take the plastic bag to hold the edible oil. , Ten bags will also leak out, that's it.

Comfortable Vinyl Gloves

Comfortable Vinyl Gloves

Disposable gloves are formed at one time with a unique process, drip-proof, not easy to break, easy to use, more hygienic and more environmentally friendly. It allows you to keep the skin on your hands and avoid too much contact with alkaline cleaners. It is a good product for home life. The relevant product access certificates are basically complete, and are in line with international standards, and meet the production-related varieties and requirements of the sterilized products, and have the ability to complete the selection, cutting, forming, sub-inspection, configuration, and packaging of the production and processing products according to the national standard. Heat-sealing, sterilization, and regular batch sampling or inspection, etc. to make the product qualified and leave the factory.

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