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What is the Advantage of Waterproof and Oil-Proof PE Gloves?

Apr. 27, 2021

As a PE Glove Supplier, share it with you.

Waterproof and oil-proof PE gloves use non-toxic polyethylene blown film suppression process production, safety, enhanced thickness, strong tensile, anti-oil quality, non-slip, sensitive, very easy to wear, left and right, high, high transparency, high transparency, high transparency Bright. Good seal, dripping, weakness, good flexibility, strong stretching, not easy. Low price, good quality, complete varieties, variety, complete color, wide range of colors, wide range. Design scientific beauty in accordance with the principle of ergonomics; the appearance is beautiful. Opportunction, anti-penetration, anti-bacteria, lightweight, soft, easy to wear, easy to wear, flexible, convenient and efficient to solve the trouble of life, left and right hand, widely used in food processing, beauty salon, hotel catering, family Cleaning, tourism dinner, medical chemistry test, industrial and agricultural workmanship and protection, scientific research, electronics industry, etc.

PE Glove

PE Glove

What are the advantages of waterproof and oil-proof PE gloves?

1. PE new pure material production, quality assurance, safe and secure

2. Multiple packaging optional, extraction design, convenient and fast

3. Applicable to many use, common in food, catering, hair dye, labor insurance, etc.

4.High temperature locking technology, good toughness, not easy to damage, very convenient to use

5. Dripping water, use assured, integrated, imported raw material production, no longer have to worry about eating oil.

6.High transparency, health, high gloss, no odor, can be used in food, home, kitchen

7.Product packaging is available, you can choose your own according to your needs.

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